The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
Largest Puzzle - Keith Haring - Double Retrospect - 32000 Pieces - THE WORLD'S LARGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE by Ravensburger
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Keith Haring: Double Retrospect - 32000

Number of pieces: 32,256 !
Finished puzzle measures over 17' x 6'   (around 544 cm x 192 cm)

32000 piece puzzle with cart This puzzle is truly MASSIVE!
And so is the pride and satisfaction when the jigsaw is successfully solved with every single piece back in its perfect right place.

At 32,000 pieces (32,256 to be exact) this huge "Double Retrospect" is the current World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle. The finished puzzle measures over 17' x 6' (around 544 cm x 192 cm), so be warned .. you will need quite a bit of space if you decide to mix all the pieces together for the ultimate challenge! (Note: you can also do the puzzle in sections. More on that later.)

Produced by Ravensburger Puzzles in Germany, this is their most massive puzzle ever brought to the marketplace. It weighs in at 42 lbs (around 18kg) and comes with its own hand trolley to help with transporting it around.trolley for 32000 pc puzzle

Keith Haring (1958 - 1990) was a true pop-art icon of the 1980's. This puzzle features 32 of his vibrant, delightfully quirky images all pieced together to create this unique new artwork.

The puzzle's limited palette of just 6 colors (plus white and black) adds to the already amazing challenge of solving this jigsaw.

Difficulty level? You choose! The puzzle is supplied in 8 individual poly bags, each containing 4,000 pieces. So you get to choose your own level of difficulty. Mix them all together for an insane challenge, or just tackle one bag at a time for a more manageable venture .. (or when space is limited).

Ravensburger prides itself on the quality of its materials and accuracy of the cut in their jigsaw puzzles. "Double Retrospect" is no exception. This puzzle uses their famous "Softclick Premium Puzzle" technology for unsurpassed strength and superb interlocking fit of their high-quality, glare-free pieces.

"Double Retrospect" is now listed in the official 'Guinness Book of World Records' as the world's largest commercially-available puzzle.

Happy Puzzling and GOOD LUCK!

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The previous record-holder for the World's Largest Jigsaw was the amazing 24,000 piece puzzle titled Life: The Great Challenge by artist Royce B. McClure and produced by puzzle company Educa Boris.

Despite being recently relegated to 2nd place in the size stakes, this very challenging puzzle is still a very popular best seller in the big puzzle range.

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