The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
Largest Puzzle - Keith Haring - Double Retrospect - 32000 Pieces - THE WORLD'S LARGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE by Ravensburger
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Keith Haring: Double Retrospect - 32000


Dan, Brenda, Patrick & Eric Nero, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA
December 23, 2011  -  February 25, 2012   (Total assembly time: 9 weeks - a total of 402 hours.)

      Dan, Brenda, Patrick & Eric Nero, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Our puzzle was delivered on December 23rd, 2011. We opened the box and combined all the pieces together (all 8 bags!). We began sorting by color that day as well. This continued through the 25th - total of 22 hours.

We started assembling the pink pieces first. We began on Dec. 26th through Jan. 7th - total of 76 hours. Orange was next - Jan. 7th - 19th - total of 76 hours.

After pink and orange, we had one fully complete picture, which provided a pattern for the rest of the puzzle.

We worked on yellow from Jan. 19th - 23rd - total of 39 hours.

Green followed from Jan. 24th - 29th - total of 43 hours.

Red was next from Jan. 30th - Feb. 4th - total of 38 hours.

Blue from Feb. 5th - 11th - total of 36 hours.

Black and white pieces (around each individual picture) - Feb. 12th - 17th - total of 36 hours.

The outer white was completed from Feb. 18th - 25th - total of 36 hours.

Total assembly time was 9 weeks - a total of 402 hours.

Dan, Brenda, Patrick & Eric Nero, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Tips we learned throughout the process:
  • We found the pattern which assisted us to complete the remainder of the puzzle at a more efficient pace.
  • When sorting, we would group like pieces together.
  • While we worked on assembling the pieces, the kids would begin sorting the next color.
When the puzzle was completed, we built a wall with 2x4's and ½" drywall at a 10 degree angle. We used spray adhesive to attach the puzzle to the drywall. We cut pieces of trim from a 1x8 and painted it black to frame the finished product.

Other puzzles we have assembled:
  • Life - 24,0000 pieces
  • Historical World Maps - 18,000 pieces (twice)
  • Skylines of the World - 18,000 pieces
  • Band of Thunder - 13,200 pieces

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