The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
Largest Puzzle - Keith Haring - Double Retrospect - 32000 Pieces - THE WORLD'S LARGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE by Ravensburger
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Keith Haring: Double Retrospect - 32000


Frederik Andreasen   -   Hvidovre, Denmark
Age: 17 years old. (24/5-1995)

May 2nd, 2011   -  March 30th, 2012  

How I got it:

When I had done the then largest jigsaw puzzle in the world, "Life", I didn't know where to stick it. My school had a big computer-room with a big white wall. So I asked my school if they wanted the puzzle, because I found the puzzle "Life" perfect for the room. Without hesitating they said yes. Before the puzzle "Life" was stuck to the computer-room, a new and larger jigsaw puzzle was brought onto the market worldwide, namely, "Double Retrospect". And when my puzzle was inaugurated, my school gave me the jigsaw puzzle "Double Retrospect" as an thank you for the other puzzle.

How I completed it:

When I got the puzzle I knew that it was divided in eight sections, each counting 4,032 pieces, so I got a large wood board, which I put on my desk. And then I started. I opened a bag and began sorting by colour. It only took four hours to sort a bag with 4,032 pieces - it's about 1,000 pieces per hour. After you have sorted all the pieces, you start to sort a colour further by shape, and then you start assembling the colour, and then start over again with the other colours. I found the white pieces, which make up the white border, hardest to assemble because you only have the shapes as information about the piece, not any other colour, since they all were white.

Denmark-Frederik-Andreasen - Worlds Largest Puzzle

Time to completion:

I started on "Double Retrospect" May the 2nd 2011 and completed it nearly a year after March the 30th 2012. I have seen other people on the internet doing the jigsaw puzzle in a much shorter time like two months, but I'm pleased with the time I have been doing on it, and I don't think, that so many 17-year-olds have done the two largest jigsaw puzzles in the world, if there at all are other younger than me.

My hobby is jigsaw puzzles:

There are many things, that I love spending time on. Doing jigsaw puzzles is one of them. That peace and silence you feel, when you do them is one of the nicest things. Despite I have made some of the largest jigsaw puzzles in the world and put more than 60,000 pieces together, so is my time where I have done jigsaw puzzles relatively short, only four years I think. The story began, when I in 2008 saw a 2000-piece puzzle hanging at a wall in a foreign house, and I thought it could be nice also to have jigsaw puzzle hanging in my room. So shortly after I bought a 500-piece puzzle, which I did in a few days, then a 2000-piece and a 4000-piece. Back then I had noticed the then largest jigsaw puzzle in the world, the 24,000- piece puzzle called "Life". At that time is was unthinkable, that I could do the puzzle "Life", but Ii found out, that "Life" was divided into four sections, counting 6000 pieces each. And then it was much easier to do.

- Frederik Gerner Andreasen

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