The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
Largest Puzzle - Keith Haring - Double Retrospect - 32000 Pieces - THE WORLD'S LARGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE by Ravensburger
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Keith Haring: Double Retrospect - 32000


Sébastien Doiron  -  Beresford, New Brunswick, Eastern Canada

March 12, 2014  -  September 22, 2014

My name is Sťbastien Doiron. Iím from Beresford, New Brunswick, Eastern Canada and Iíve completed the Double Retrospect giant puzzle in about 6 months : from March 12th, 2014 to Sept. 22nd, 2014

(I took about 2 weeks off in that amount of time.)

Fabricio Cardoso - Brazil - Hall of Fame - Double Retrospect by Keith Haring

I didnít mix the 8 bags together, I did them by sections.

The information on the blogs helped a LOT!

Letís just say that this challenge was bigger than I expected it to be. I thought that I could finish this within 2-3 months. Also, doing this in a home without A/C, always in the evenings after a long day of work, with a sore back (due to lack of organization from my part and unfortunately lack of space) in the middle of a heat wave of over 30 degrees Celcius in July and August was pretty much harder than doing a marathon! And I know, I did both!!!

I would recommend a team for anyone trying to do this, or a lot of patience. I think I´m the second Canadian (according to your website but I´m probably wrong), the first francophone, Maritimer, New Brunswicker and more importantly to me, the first Acadian to accomplish this!

More information and pictures here on my Facebook page.

- Sébastien Doiron

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